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BWE2 and no character wipe (yet)

Once again my full-time job prevents me from breaking the news first, but at least I’m writing about it same-day this time! Basically, the next Beta Weekend Event is officially June 8th 12PM to June 10th 11:59PM, PDT. Per my thoughts … Continue reading

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Feast of Corruption [Necromancer PvE, Part II]

Out of all of the weapon combinations and play styles I tried, there was nothing quite as satisfying as loading a foe with up to a dozen condition stacks and unleashing a skill which does tons of damage plus bonus … Continue reading

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No beta this weekend, a sound plan

You’ve probably heard by now, but the next GW2 beta event will not be this coming weekend. The reason they gave for this is they want to deploy more hardware to increase server capacity which makes a lot of sense … Continue reading

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I Swung An Axe [Necromancer PvE, Part I]

And I swung it again. Hey I swung it again! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) During the April 27th beta weekend and this week’s stress test, I predominantly played a human female necromancer and reached Level 20. I spent all of that … Continue reading

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Server FAQ’s answered (and woo stress test!)

I’m definitely not the first to break the news, but we’ll get to enjoy another 7 hours in Tyria next Monday! I won’t be taking a half-day like I did last time, but I’ll have enough time to refresh my … Continue reading

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My GW2 custom soundtrack highlights

Let me preface this post by saying it’s definitely not a dig against Jeremy Soule or his excellent scores. I can’t wait to hear all of Guild Wars 2’s music! The series would not be the same without its Soule … Continue reading

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Growing Pains

It took me 3 days to realize that Tumblr is more basic that what I was looking for–specifically, you cannot natively leave comments. So, I decided to sign up for this WordPress blog and register a domain. This will be … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, other games have breath meters

I was playing Trine 2 last night and reached a stage with some underwater areas—they aren’t a huge part of the game, but they sure are gorgeous. After a bit of swimming around and following an angler fish to some … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about The Elder Scrolls Online

I really like the logo—the three factions, Dragon, Lion, and Eagle (Hawk? Griffon?) eating each other in a circle. If you haven’t checked out the reveal trailer, it’s well-made but there’s not much to it. A narrator talks dramatically about how the … Continue reading

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