Announcing the GW2 Twitter community guild, I Can Outtweet A Centaur!

Hello faithful readers–I haven’t written in since right before BWE3 so I figured I would let you know I’m still alive! I was away on vacation in Norway for the last two weeks and had a great time, but now I’m getting right back on the GW2 launch hype train. I was able to jump on Twitter briefly and share some Asura and Sylvari screenshots which I found very captivating. Looking forward to playing both of those races at launch.

As some of you may know my primary method of interacting with the Guild Wars 2 community is in fact via Twitter. There’s a huge number and variety of community members on there–everyone from fans and small time bloggers like me to longtime ArenaNet veterans. The hype machine has been going on for long enough that I’ve learned quite a bit about many of the community members–not just what their favorite race or profession is, but about who they are as real people.

We’ve chatted about a wide variety of subjects–everything from feminism to work frustrations to Microsoft’s godawful E3 2012 press conference–and watched as community superstars like Rubi and Elixabeth landed awesome jobs as an ArenaNet community manager and Massively columnist/GuildCaster, respectively. People have shared about their weddings, major anniversaries, and other life events and we were happy to hear about them. I think it’s safe to say that we’re not just a bunch of people on a social network who like the same video game, we’re a real community. How cool is that?

Right before the last beta weekend, somebody asked, “Why don’t we make a GW2 twitter guild?” A bunch of people agreed that this would be a great idea and made it happen. The guild has since been christened I Can Outtweet A Centaur [TWIT] and amassed 40 members during BWE3! Given the success we had we decided to get more organized for launch. I was thinking about founding my own guild in association with this blog, but I’m going to throw my weight behind [TWIT] instead.

You can find [TWIT]’s guild website at and everything you need to know is on there. You can also follow the account @TWITGuild and the hashtag #twitguild to chat with us. You don’t need to post on twitter to be a member, but it’s a big part of the fun! I want to thank Lana (@LadyVerene) for setting up the Enjin site and pushing forward with organization, and Jeshe (@moosefaces) for setting up the Google Doc that we used to get started in the first place. Thanks for taking initiative! For my part, I’m happy to take credit for coming up with the guild name and I took the liberty of setting up a Steam group too.

Headstart and launch are less than a month away–looking forward to seeing you all in game!

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7 Responses to Announcing the GW2 Twitter community guild, I Can Outtweet A Centaur!

  1. Verene says:

    The GW2 twitter community is AWESOME. I probably wouldn’t have kept up with blogging if not for the crazy bunch on there <3 TWIT is gonna rock.

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  3. dollada06 says:

    Love this idea. GW2 Twitter community is really nice. It will be good to get everyone together before launch and ultimately before all the launch day jerks show up cmplaining that the game isn’t perfect at launch.

  4. Jeshe says:

    Oh I totally missed this when it was posted. Yes the Twitter community is amazing :D There’s so many of us, too! Glad to be a part of something as awesome as this :)

  5. SlothBear says:

    “I Can Outtweet A Centaur!”

    *glares* >: (

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