"y r ur hands glowy?"

“y r ur hands glowy?” –Everyone, Ever

I knew of MMOs a long time before I actually played one—I was always repulsed by the idea of paying a monthly fee for the mere privilege of access. Fortunately, along came a little game called Guild Wars. I didn’t know a whole lot about it aside from the lack of a subscription fee, but that was enough for me to bite. The rest is history—3 collector’s editions, 7 years, hundreds of screenshots, and 2000+ hours logged.

I’ve been eating up news about Guild Wars 2 all through its development, and I pounced on the first opportunity to pre-purchase a Collector’s Edition. It’s been amazing to see and participate in such a huge community for an unreleased game. My participation up until now has been entirely via Twitter, but now that the game is almost out I thought it was time to throw my hat into the blogging ring. I owe my inspiration to Hunter’s Insight and the Relics of Orr crew. If you like either of those sites I think you’ll like mine as well. I appreciate both for their ability to look at things, especially GW2, from a critical perspective but still have a clear love of the game and the community. Relics’ podcast was also really hilarious.

I hope you’ll tune in! I’m pretty easy to track down. My personal twitter is @mr_ex (warning: I do tweet about things besides video games :p,) my Guild Wars/2 IGN is Optimus Maleficus, and I’m Mr_eX on Steam. You can track down my raptr and a few other things using twitter.

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