NBI award nomination – credit where it’s due

I had been thinking about starting a blog for a long time since I thought I had a lot to say about Guild Wars 2 and to a lesser extent about gaming in general. The push I finally needed to click “register” came from a couple good pints of beer and a post by Hunter telling me of the Newbie Blogger Initiative, a group of seasoned bloggers who wanted to encourage new people to start their own MMO blogs. A small army of people signed up over at NBI HQ, so I thought hey, I’m a needle in a haystack just like everyone else. Even with the promise of referral traffic from the master list, I didn’t think a lot of people would see my little post with my blog’s URL and description, let alone actually read or like my writing. I thought maybe a few people would see my link and become readers, but if not that’s okay too. Amazingly, to me anyway, I was wrong–I’ve been linked on two of GuildMag‘s weekly wrap-up columns and my posts are frequently retweeted by Under the Pale Tree and several of my personal twitter followers.

As NBI’s big push to recruit newbies came to a close, imagine my surprise and delight when this post went up over on Bio Break, nominating me for an NBI award in the “Promising Star, Game-Specific” category! I’m even more stunned that I’m neck-and-neck with Aly at Mistress of Illusions for the win. It seems fitting that two Guild Wars blogs–my purple necromancer and her pink mesmer–must do battle for the award. Unfortunately for me if this were Guild Wars the mesmer would quickly trounce me, however in GW2 the playing field is much more even. Analogies aside, I hope you’ll consider voting for me!

I look forward to reading the results and more thoroughly combing through the final blogger list. There are lots of newbies just like me on there so if you like me you’ll probably like some of them too. The NBI HQ site isn’t behaving right now so I can’t get a full list of names, but I’d like to thank Sypster and everyone else who helped make NBI happen, and of course for the nomination. To all the other nominees, good luck at the polls!

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3 Responses to NBI award nomination – credit where it’s due

  1. Congrats Optimus! It’s a wonderful new blog you’ve started!
    Keep up the lovely work!

    • Thanks! I also noticed that you linked to me in a post recently and commented on my work. It’s really interesting to hear what people think of my blog, so thanks for that too!

  2. SlothBear says:

    I voted for you.:)

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