My BWE2 server plans

I just wanted to post briefly about my plans for this weekend. As you have already gleaned from the title, I’m going to switch servers to Eternal Grove and will be hanging out with @LadyVerene along with some of my friends from twitter and meatspace. You are more than welcome to join me! My IGN is in fact Optimus Maleficus. I’m a little shy in real life, so just let me know you’re a reader if you decide to say hello or party up.:)

I don’t think overcrowding will be an issue this weekend–we learned from an ArenaNet blog post earlier this week that it will be possible to fast travel to your friends’ overflow server when you party up, and parties will all be placed in the same server when they zone. Still, if problems with Eternal Grove do crop up, I will probably bail and switch to Eve’s Warren before the free server transfer grace period is over. As for when I’ll be on, I won’t be available on Friday until around 10:30 PM EDT (UTC-4,) but I expect I will be up late playing. I should be available throughout Saturday and Sunday. I will mostly be doing PvE, but I will also try out WvW at some point.

If you’re thinking about a new profession to try, I have many words for you about why the necromancer is an excellent choice.

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4 Responses to My BWE2 server plans

  1. Skron says:

    I’ll be on Eternal Grove too. I’ll be rolling a Human Thief and I don’t know what his name will be. But I’ll try to look for you and say hi. But I’ll mostly be in WvW, hanging out with my guild and its 300+ members.

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  4. ualtar says:

    Server issues can be interesting. My guild plans to be on Yak’s Bend, however, server issues on the first BWE1 forced some of our members into Vasburg. Since there were working there, the rest of us went to Vasburg. Now we are Vasburg again due to the lack of character wipes. Though I do hear that there is free server switching, but do I want to have the confusion of trying to get my guild into another server right now….

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