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My headstart and launch, in pictures

Got around to curating the more than 200 screenshots I took in the last 4 days and made an album out of my favorites. Check it out! Also, one more quick tip to supplement yesterday’s post: drawing on the map, … Continue reading

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Guesting workaround and display name change trick!

It’s here! And the servers aren’t down for everyone! Woohoo! I had an awesome headstart weekend–when the servers went up I was able to get into Jade Quarry, get both of the one-word character names I wanted (Vimm and Nani,) … Continue reading

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The Power Of Friendship

Friday’s announcement about the Wayfarer’s Reverie event was a bittersweet experience for a lot of us Guild Wars fans–we got a reason to jump into GW1 and revisit a bunch of nostalgic locations, but it was also an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Missing In Action: Guesting

Well, yesterday’s news confirmed one of my fears for the launch of GW2: guesting will not be available at launch. If you don’t know what guesting is, it’s a feature that promises to let you play PvE with your friends on … Continue reading

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Backlog Guilt and how to beat it

With Guild Wars 2 on the horizon I’ve been trying to play my way through other games I’ve bought recently (and over the last couple of years,) because after August 25th they certainly won’t see the light of day again … Continue reading

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Announcing the GW2 Twitter community guild, I Can Outtweet A Centaur!

Hello faithful readers–I haven’t written in since right before BWE3 so I figured I would let you know I’m still alive! I was away on vacation in Norway for the last two weeks and had a great time, but now … Continue reading

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