The Power Of Friendship

I now have Obsidian Armor of my own–wow! Never thought I’d see the day.

Friday’s announcement about the Wayfarer’s Reverie event was a bittersweet experience for a lot of us Guild Wars fans–we got a reason to jump into GW1 and revisit a bunch of nostalgic locations, but it was also an opportunity to say goodbye to the game that’s been the foundation of our fandom for seven years. GW2 headstart is very soon, and the Live Team knows it and wanted to give the GW1 and its fans a nice sendoff. Even with the sad aura of the event, #twitguild was getting together in Guild Wars all weekend and having an awesome time! We did all of the Reverie quests together–some of us twice just for the hell of it–and on Sunday 8 of us gathered in Temple of the Ages for a Fissure of Woe run to blow tons of money on Obsidian Armor.

4 new sets of Obby! /roar! From left to right: Rudhraighe (@RudhraigheO, as Kuunavang,) Kel (@ebonywolf21,) me, AJ Wolf (@AJWolf84,) and Verene (@LadyVerene)

Even with as much Guild Wars as I’ve played, I’ve never been anywhere close to affording an Obby set of my own. Fortunately, Rud and Verene were able to furnish Kel, AJ, and I with nearly all of the ectos and shards we needed from their personal hoards. Verene still had enough for her own set too (damn girl!) Once our armor was crafted we decided to do a full clear. It was the exact kind of thing Guild Wars and MMOs are designed for–a group of experienced players taking their favorite builds, tackling high-level content, and having a great time doing it. We played well and earned a bunch of nice drops, including several shards each, and made it to the end chest.

I earned this snazzy Balthazar statue too!

It got me thinking–I would never have accomplished any of this on my own. Playing with a group makes the game so much more enjoyable than striking it on your own with heroes because you get to see your friends get loot and you all advance together. Everything becomes more fun, especially the full party wipes.

I helped my fair share of people in terms of quests, missions, and money over the years (though never on the scale of Obby armor) but last weekend it was my turn to get some monetary help. I’m humbled by Rud and Verene’s spirit of giving. They could have easily kept their loot to pursue their remaining interests in Guild Wars, but they were happy to just give the last of it away. It gives me some inspiration and goals for GW2–I hope to amass huge wealth in GW2 and be just as generous with it!

Kel and I rocking our new armor some more.

It’s awesome that GW and GW2 can be played solo, but I can’t emphasize enough how important having a group is for taking a great gaming experience and making it into something truly memorable. If you’re looking for a guild, everyone is welcome to join [TWIT]!

And hey–we all know that headstart is coming up, and I want to sink my teeth all the way in as much as anyone, so it’s a safe bet I won’t post again for a few days! Keep an eye on my personal twitter @mr_ex if you wanna keep tabs on my activities during headstart, and my IGN is Optimus Maleficus.6950. See you in Tyria, friends!

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4 Responses to The Power Of Friendship

  1. Kel says:

    I❤ you guys so much. :')

  2. Verene says:

    As I explained to someone on twitter the night before we did FoW (I think it was Kel), I’m the sort of person that’s happiest when I’m able to give gifts to my friends. Helping you guys with your armor was so very worth it. You’re all so awesome, and as ever I find myself wondering how it was that I found such a great group of friends.❤

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