My Year of the Dragon in Review

It's been a great year.

Spoilers – this is what you see when you get 100% world completion!

WordPress sent me an automated year in review report for this blog, which has inspired me to write in about everything that happened this year–and what a great year it’s been!

First of all, if you’re reading this–thank you. I’ve said this before but I started writing with only vague hopes of contributing to the Guild Wars community, so I’m humbled to have a worldwide readership. I will admit to trying to get a nod from ArenaNet’s social media death ray and not succeeding, but that’s okay, I’m still pretty new at this whole thing. Something to try for next year.

My most popular posts were by far the Necromancer PvE series I wrote during the BWE’s. This may simply be a function of time since they are among my oldest posts, but I linked them a lot and included a lot of images, which netted quite a few google image search visits. Fortunately, a lot of the info in there still holds up despite changes between beta and launch. I still recommend giving those posts a read if you’ve never played a necro and want my impressions on their play style and flavor after 60-odd hours of play, especially with the knowledge I still love playing my necro with hundreds of  hours logged.

@TriggerSad, the Big Bad Lich says to leave the little ghost alone...

Despada, the Big Bad Lich says to leave the little ghost alone…

I can’t stress enough how a having a good group of people to fall back on will make or break your MMO experience. ArenaNet has definitely succeeded in cultivating a healthy fan community around their games, and it’s from there that [TWIT] was born. I like to have fun, have nice people to play with, and not deal with a lot of needless rules and requirements–TWIT does it all. Impromptu dance parties, dragon-slaying, high-end node gathering, and dungeon marathons with a great group of people; I could not possibly ask for a better guild. Besides, where else would I have learned that Lich Form has the same emotes as a male Norn?

Me and three #twitguild superstars--@AJWolf84, @TriggerSad, and @LadyVerene! <3

Me and three #twitguild superstars–@AJWolf84, @TriggerSad, and @LadyVerene!❤

The year may be ending, but GW2 has only been live since August. I’ve accomplished quite a bit in those four months:

  • I’ve leveled four characters to 80! In order: necromancer, warrior, engineer, and just last night my guardian. I love having alts because I get to figure out different play styles for each one and see them unfold as I level, using explorable mode dungeons as an acid test. I’ve learned so much about high-level play just by trying out different offensive and defensive builds.
  • 100% world completion! It took a month longer to get my title/star/reward than it should have because of my WvW matchup, but I really enjoyed mapping all of the PvE zones. I’m thrilled that mapping is such a massive step up from the obsessive edge-scraping that the Cartographer titles demanded in GW1, as exploration is my favorite part of any RPG.
  • I’m not a Dungeon Master yet, but I’m well on my way. My #twitguild friends and I are dungeon-running fiends–we have pretty much mastered all paths of AC, CM, and TA. We also have two paths of Honor of the Waves under foot, only avoiding the third because of tedious underwater bosses. I do run the Fractals occasionally, but as time goes on I only find more unkind things to say about the entirety of the Lost Shores patch. I’m going to save and temper those thoughts for a separate post.
  • My title-hunting, completionist nature has led me to earn Master Crafter, Emissary of the Mad King, and Apprentice Toymaker. Furthermore, I’ve confirmed my status as an insane person by completing the Mad King’s Clocktower on all 8 of my characters, which includes two Charr and a Norn.
  • I killed Zhaitan, completing the personal story and all of the Story Mode dungeons along the way. My necro rose to prominence in the Durmand Priory and later the Pact, making (and losing) many friends in the process. Criticism aside, the personal story tells a story of tragedy and loss, but also one of victory and hope for Tyria’s future. The epilogue is one of the best I’ve seen in an epic RPG story.
  • With some monetary help from #twitguild, my necro is a Commander! We also helped finance commander books for Verene and AJ. I hope guesting will emerge from the Mists soon so that we can put these to good use for coordinating mass PvE silliness.

Looking ahead, I’m planning to follow up my necro PvE series with some in-depth posts on the builds I’ve come up with for my necro and alts–I’m particularly excited to share my engineer’s build. I also have a couple of impassioned rants in my drafts folder and in my head that I want to get out there in the near future. In-game, I will continue to focus on my alts–decking them all out with high-end weapon and armor skins will keep me occupied for a long time. My current project is a full set of Tier 3 Asura Heavy armor for my guardian; I’ve been a sucker for it ever since I saw this. I’m also slowly working on mapping all the level 60-80 zones on my alts for the high-end crafting mats and guaranteed exotics, and the next character I’ll take to Level 80 is my mesmer.

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One Response to My Year of the Dragon in Review

  1. Verene says:

    Why is it that in almost every group screenshot of us I’m just sort of staring off into nowhere?😛

    Also, yes, you are insane. But it’s an amusing sort of insane. So it works😀

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