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The State of Alts in Guild Wars 2

Hello dear readers! I haven’t published anything in quite awhile. If you haven’t been following my tweets over the last few months, you may have missed that I crafted my first Legendary weapon, Kraitkin, made some serious money opening Orrian jewelry … Continue reading

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Defying Explanation

As a regular dungeon runner in GW2, the single place that is always a source of confusion for my party members is the Defiant buff unique to Champion and Legendary foes. On a near-daily basis, I find myself having to … Continue reading

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Flame and Frost Impressions

This week marks the release of Guild Wars 2’s first major update of the year, Flame and Frost: Prelude, which promises to lay the groundwork for bigger updates throughout the first half of the year. Between both GW1 and GW2 ArenaNet … Continue reading

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My Year of the Dragon in Review

WordPress sent me an automated year in review report for this blog, which has inspired me to write in about everything that happened this year–and what a great year it’s been! First of all, if you’re reading this–thank you. I’ve … Continue reading

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Opt Out: Chris Whiteside AMA

I didn’t have the stomach to make perusing the forums and reporting the good bits into a regular feature here, but Today’s AMA answers a bunch of important questions and spurred me to action. I understand the AMA is not finished … Continue reading

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Ascended Rage

We now have some of the facts about the new Ascended tier of items. I joined in yesterday morning’s fan rage but at the end of the day–literally and figuratively in this case–my reaction and those like it were uncalled for regardless of how … Continue reading

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Opt Out

In general, I hate forums. I’ve always found them to be a place where people with lost perspectives go to argue, except “argue” means “state one’s position without backing it up with reasons or evidence, call out the devs for … Continue reading

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